Imagine if the water that flowed from your faucet suddenly cost less. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT'S HAPPENING WITH YOUR ELECTRIC. Currently, you receive your Supply of electricity from your utility PECO or PP&L and it Delivers it to your home or business via the power lines and other assets it operates and services. When you receive your bill there is a cost for the Supply and a cost for the Delivery. Now you can receive your Supply from North American Power and save $100 - $650+/yr.* It takes just 2 minutes to start!

If you're not happy with the money you save with us you can simply go back to your utility's Supply rates. There are no fees, penalties, contracts, memberships, or interruptions in your service. Millions of residents and businesses are already saving in 2011 by switching to North American Power as your energy supplier.

On January 1st PECO’s electric supply rate will jump from $0.068/kwh to $0.099/kwh. You can save by going to http://www.napower.com/JoeFuhr and switching your supplier to North American Power.