By dtown
Although I am from neighboring Downingtown, I had occasion to attend Caln's opening day ceremony for Little League baseball. First and foremost I could not believe the number of player's in the league. Secondly, dignitaries from the County and Township participated and several teams competed in state championships. They also just completed building a brand new snack bar. Their MC, stating that the Caln complex was the best in Chester County due to field maintenance, lighting etc, mentioned that Caln will host international little league play with winners going to Williamsport for Little League World Series play. Does anyone have the details on dates, etc?

I didn't realize the amount of people participating in Caln baseball and girls softball. It seems to be the largest participation in the area.
I heard that too. I agree, this is a big program. I have to say the improvements made over the past 5 or 6 years are impressive. This is a prefect example of local businesses making investment in the community. The local businesses are very supportive of the sports programs in Caln Twp. and from the sounds of it, it' s about to pay off. A high profile little league baseball playoff game can bring in a lot of local revenue.

Having said that, none of this stuff happens unless you have involved and dedicated volunteers and parents.