By Leginald
Oh boy, here we go.
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By hustler
Shot in the head is too quick a death for that piece of crap. I would have dropped him into a swimming pool full of King Cobras.
By Turnpike
The 20 virgins may not be female. This is a good bust for our soldiers, and our country.
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By pinkie1978
Mad Maxx wrote:No video and no body? Interesting, and on a election year...hmmmmm.....


nah he is in my rec room!
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By Jerrycurl
This is why we got the birth certificate last week.

Theory #1
Assuming everything is on the level here... Intel told the White House that they had Bin Laden. They developed a plan which included the mysterious burial at sea. So Obama quickly concludes that unless he produces the birth certificate, no body will believe their Bin Laden story. Well that and we're all racist and he's black so we're inclined not to believe him.

Theory #2
It's an election year and this Osama story is a complete Chicago style fabrication. Obama Bin Lying puts out the birth certificate to build public confidence and creates the "ding-dong Osama's dead" story to lay claim to finally doing what Bush couldn't do. AND....wait for it.... instructs NBC to break in on The Celebrity Apprentice 10:50, right at the end of the show to cut off the "who goes home" segment, even though they were clearly told that the President (who is ALWAYS late) was scheduled for 11:15pm, and actually showed up around 11:25 to break the urgent news they knew about for hours.
This of course is rooted in the fact that Obama is black and I am a racist.

Footnote: Fox news intentionally printed Usama vs. Osama on every news real so that the commentators would not accidentally say Obama. This Freudian slip has happened often in the past. Nice job Geraldo
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By JuneCarter
Quotes regarding Bin Laden's death:

Joe Biden, upon being woken up, " This is a big #$*$&^ deal!"

Donald Trump, "Produce the Death Certificate."

Sarah Palin, "Helicopters and betcha!"

President Obama, "Just keep hitting refresh on my poll numbers!"

Navy Seals, "That's right...we bad!"
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