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By BigGabber
I think it's great that we finally got the right man. I mean hell it took long enough. Shame it didn't happen while Bush was still in. Now we sit and wait for the attacks to happen again because we killed him then we threw him out to sea. It's a circle of violence. I am happy that he's gone but it's the circle of violence I don't like. Do you think it's all gonna stop now and go away? I don't. I don't look forward to what happens next.
By Phaedrus
I know the story of the Mission Accomplished banner, but you are apparently so naive you don't understand political optics. As for the 1st WTC attack and the Cole, they did not get us into this situation. There was a history before those attacks.

Discretion is not saying, "bring it on", and not going to war with Iraq, and not crowing over victories.

You may have been talking out the side of your mouth, but how is that different than any other time you speak? You're an a##hole. Deal with it.
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By norton
Been noticing that this individual (Phaedrus) has resorted to name calling lately. Now, I realize as a Leftist he has little else to fall back on but feel name calling and personal attacts are out of order here. Place your opinion (no matter how flawed they may be) and move on.

A friend sent this to me today: Let's be clear on this: OBAMA did NOT kill Bin Laden. An American soldier, who Obama just a few weeks ago was debating on whether or not to PAY, did. Obama just happened to be the one in office when our soldiers finally found Osama Bin Laden and took him out. This is NOT an Obama victory, but an AMERICAN victory!! RE-POST IF YOU AGREE!
By Phaedrus
For some reason you failed to notice the insults Jerrycurl sent my way?

The strategy to send in Navy Seals was Obama's call. Obviously, Presidents don't go in with guns themselves, but this strategy was long developing and Obama was involved the entire time. He stated during his campaign that he would act unilaterally in Pakistan if he could get Bin Laden, or any other high-valued target. When he became President he said he was directing Leon Panetta to give highest priority to finding Bin Laden. This was a redirection of the CIA after Bush had told the CIA to redirect it's focus away from the hunt in 2005. Perhaps not coincidentally, 2005 is when Bin Laden built his new home in Pakistan. I guess he felt safer.

By the way, Obama was arguing in favor of military pay against Republicans who were willing to shut down the government. Just another one of those little lies where you say someone was arguing about an issue and allowing the reader to believe the person was arguing against the position they actually took.

And it is an American victory and Obama said so.
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By paesano
norton wrote:Been noticing that this individual (Phaedrus) has resorted to name calling lately. Now, I realize as a Leftist he has little else to fall back on but feel name calling and personal attacts are out of order here. Place your opinion (no matter how flawed they may be) and move on.

I pointed this out some time ago Phae has NO self control with the name calling. The one self proclaim know it all (Phae) can't handle it, just like the lies & name calling phae was saying about me. I didn't get into name calling IT'S CALLED SELF CONTROL PHAE is what you lack of :shock: . What phae does is the liberal thing to do! :lol:
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By pinkie1978
Phae lies... Phae lies.... Phae lies
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By Jerrycurl
Thanks guys, but he's right. I started it by calling him a drone. It just seems like no matter what the issue is at hand, he seems to find a way to mealy mouth it with liberal gobbly gook and double talk.

You are also correct that conservatives do not need to resort to name calling because our arguments are based on the founding principles and do not constantly requiring the spin of political correctness and progressivism. This dynamic and nonsensical ideology makes it very difficult for the non-intellectual liberal to argue without name calling.

Phae is clearly an intellectual. Sorry for the drone comment.
By Jason747

1. your conservative principles are all garbage and un-American and un-Christian. Jesus lived in poverty and helped lepers and had long hair, he was the classic liberal.

2. The country was founded on secular principles. The founding fathers had no use for religion.

3. Trickle down never worked, never will.

4. Reagan was a disaster, prolonged the cold war, started the down fall of the middle class, hated working people.

5. Bush led the country to the brink. Obama saved the auto industry, commercial credit, our 401ks, our standing in the world, prevented depression and 30% unemployment.

6. Bin Laden was caught from intel received from a respectful interrogation after establishing a relationship with the detainees....not waterboarding. Torture leads to guys giving whatever false info the interrogator wants and is never accurate.

7. The Bushies had a culture of military and intel fighting over egos with Rumsfield. That prevented us from finding Bin Laden. Obama changed the culture to cooperation, results, we got Bin Laden.

8. Any group that didn't laugh the birthers of the face of the earth has no business running the country. You all go play in the sand box while the adults run the country.

Now little minds, go back to your delusions and Fox lies. They are very funny.
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