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By pinkie1978
Why are the two stooges worried about one black kid killed? Yet young black kids are being slain each week all over this country. Where is their outcry and trying to stop it. I just do not get it.
A black kid killed by a black kid just does not make ir right.
By seebelle
Probably because the national news media and really the public doesn't pay attention when it is black on black crime. Or really when it is white on white crime. I think Al and Jessie's over arching point is that all violence is bad. And, certainly the violence that is based on race. I think it would be difficult to say that the same thing would have happened had Trayvon been a white kid wearing a sweater.
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By norton
And-------- we must remember that Al and Jessie's entire existence and income is reliant on keeping the race card on deck.