Crowbird23 wrote:Just like an elite righty blame something that might save abortions and cost as a freebie then can't wait to beat the system. Pinko have you any money in the Caymens? Here is a tip the Cowgirls offensive line sucks do not bet on them.

I do not bet sports.
No I am not as rich as Pelosi and bho.
itsmeuhear wrote:To those that are against free contraceptive;

Are you also against free mamograms?

If so, please explain.

you know you should change your screen name to itismeuread.
only if you have an ultrasound before each abortion. Fair? Pro Kill folks!

Forgot is it part of the health care you purchased?
Crowbird23 wrote:The cowgirls still suck as do all there fans. If your daughter was raped and with child,what would you do about it?

First off it would not happen. It is called parenting.
Bet you none of Romneys kids nor bho kids will not have that issue.
Crowbird23 wrote:Pinko should move to Missouri and go on redneck .com

Well I did not go there nor all 57 states but I did send money to him.
Crowbird23 wrote:I bet if you took the money that the people cheated on their taxes it could pay for the free rubbers. What do you think Pinko and Erik?

I actually pay taxes do you? Or can you find enough deductions that the government gives away so you pay nothing? We can meet for coffee and bring our returns and share them if you like.
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