norton wrote:The REAL issue is not contraceptives / abortion but the great decline in the morality of this nation and culture. Back in past a girl who was known to be free with her body was known as a whore. . Today with the new "enlightenment" sex, out of wedlock, is not only common but taught as acceptable , right and normal by the great educator, the entertainment industry. As we have declined morally we have and will continue to reap the results of our folly.
"The only difference between the pre-born and born is time and nutrition."

And your priests who were taught that sex was sinful and unnatural grew up to molest little boys. Today those people are known as "pedophiles".
Stinky Pete wrote:The entertainment industry reflects what's going on in society, and not the other way around.

No, wrong, the entertainment industry is the driver of this culture. Everything from the naming of children (remember Jennifer O'Neill,, in that era that name was taged on a good number of baby girls) to clothes styles then tattoos on almost every young person even woman, and then extending to sexual morais and the view of the value of life. Baseball hats worn backwards and baggy pants displaying ones undershorts all came from the entertainment industry drive. The old saying " What goes in will eventually come out" applies to what is imbibed into the mind and heart of a young person. It is called INFLUNENCE and the "music", movie, TV and even magazine contents are the bible of the current generation .
Phaedrus wrote:And the men who had sex outside of marriage, what were they called, Norton?

Phaedrus wrote:And the men who had sex outside of marriage, what were they called, Norton?

Phaedrus- that is a very good and interesting question .
I suppose one could use the term opportunist but that is not addressing the real issue of course. Sexual relations out of wedlock is immoral by either sex. The word whomonger would fit but was not used of course.
I can say this though there was a greater respect given on how a guy behaved when females were present at least back before late 60's.
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