What would work best in Coatesville a power plant or Cabelas?

Power plant
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Cabelas or bass pro shop
By eaglespa
Ok so I do not know if anybody reads this stuff but here goes
1) Putting a power plant in the heart of where you want to start revitalization puts a sword right in the plans. No business is going to come near there and no houses will be built or refurbished.
2)So I was thinking what do people do around here and do not have good places to get the stuff they need. Then it hit me people like to hunt and fish. the flats has the brandywine flowing by so how about the city contact Cabelas or Bass Pro Shop and talk them into purchasing the flats. The closes store like this is above reading, Harrisburg and Maryland. So this store would attract people from Chester, Lancaster, Delaware and Montgomery counties. If you have ever been to either place they are giant would fit in the flats nice they employ hundreds of people per shift. Not only do people who enjoy hunting and fishing go but also families go just to see the fishtanks and the stuffed animal displays. So imagine this store anchoring the whole redevelopment.
3) The river walk goes by the store so they could have an opening day children's trout rodeo right there and invite eateries from town to set up tents as well as other stores. Yes this may not get you 10 million the first year but this will give you Millions every year and also will be an incentive for olive garden, red lobster and other chains to move in. Also chetty builders and others have no problem selling condos and houses to people because the city has turned a corner. Yep the addition of 1 store could reap tens of millions into the city coffers every year with the new home owners, new business and the availability to spend your money in the Coatesville area. This is win win does anybody see these. does any in Coatesville give a dam?
By eaglespa
Ok looks like the answer is no what a shame