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By breitak67
I like the cost savings of operating CFL, but not the bulbs themselves. I have converted entirely to CFL for all applications where they are practical (they are not practical in quick on-off, short-duration lighting, most are not rated for outdoor use, and most carry warnings not to use them in enclosed light fixtures like globe lights you might have in a hallway or foyer).

I am eagerly awaiting LED lighting that does not look like automotive halogen headlamps (more natural wavelength distribution). Like CFLs were when first introduced, LEDs will be very expensive at first, but they use less power than CFLs and can be freely disposed of with no environmental impact IF they fail (their MTBFs are measured in multiple 10's of thousands of hours - the LED lamps in DLP and LCD televisions are often rated in the 60K - 80K hour range, which translates to 25 - 30 years of normal usage for an LED light bulb).
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I have one question. Why would we need to outlaw regular bulbs?

This is a politically driven movement. Just like MTBE, the hypocrites that lead the environmental movement are responsible for encouraging the use of chemicals that are toxic to humans in an effort to protect the environment. These wackos value the environment over human life. Very odd.