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By Phaedrus
I wonder if there is something genetic within families that make them harmonize so well.

Here is a song which I'm sure they didn't play at Breitak67's high school dances. :)

A couple weeks ago on WXPN they requested songs written in the style of Bo Diddley. Someone suggested this Smiths song. My first reaction was, huh?, but then I realized it was a brilliant suggestion.

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By breitak67
I was in a band in HS. We thought we had chosen a safe song for performance at a school function in Billy Joel's Uptown Girl, but it was nixed for questionable lyrics - they were afraid that his claims of being a "downtown guy" was some kind of reference to oral sex.
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By Phaedrus
I hated this song when it came out as a prime of example of how far a once great and relevant band had fallen. Then it was used in the movie Three Kings to create a surreal atmosphere. Now I'm okay with it because the association has changed.

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By Phaedrus
It used to be a band would wind you up at the end of the night. Leave you wanting more. Now they want you to settle down and leave.

This is old school.

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