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eriknben10 wrote:
Phaedrus wrote:Remember when Republicans were celebrating the passage of their tax bill - the wind in their sails; hi-fives all around? A week is a long time in politics, particularly with the Idiot. Now it's all going down the "shlthole." :wink:

I'm sure it's all part of a secret plan. :lol:

I agree with what he is alleged to have said. The word Cesspool would have been politically correct. :wink: You need not go very far in this country to find similar chitholes. Why can't this country fix those places before bringing in more people to fill them?
My niece teaches at a school in Harrisburg that received 192 Haitian students when they came as refugees. They didn't even have coats to wear. This country needs to get its own house in order if it wants to help the world.

I agree that we need to allow people in who will make us a better country not the people who will make us worse. Which is what Trump means.
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By Stinky Pete
I have no problem with you and E&B feeling that way. What I have a big problem with is people who say the country is based on Christian principles (it isn't), and they want Christian values in the government, and then say "F people who are less fortunate".
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By Phaedrus
JW wrote:
I agree that we need to allow people in who will make us a better country not the people who will make us worse. Which is what Trump means.

I also agree we should move to a merit based system and I was with Trump on that point, but this most recent comment, together with a pattern of similar previous comments, point to something darker in his psyche. There is absolutely no reason to assume that there are more people of merit in Norway than all of Africa.

I also feel that refugee programs are completely different from the regular immigration process and should follow different rules.

Couldn't we agree that in a country with so much cultural diversity that we deserve leaders who understand that discrimination against people based on country of origin is against the law? How would you feel as a visible minority, maybe a recent immigrant or child of same, that your President doesn't really value your presence considering you to be a shlthole product of a shlthole country.

Trump should go back to the 1924 immigration laws, the last time they were adjusted to focus on racial profiling, and see how they rate Slovenia as a country. His wife would not have been allowed in. :lol:

Italy wasn't so respected either.
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What we have and what we deserve are certainly two different things in your eyes and in mine. What we have are people in a closed door meeting coming out and telling the press things that should remain behind those closed doors. Those things these traitors are telling the press are only meant to divide us as a nation which is what Obama started and some want to continue. I'm sure there are many, many things said behind those closed doors with past presidents that were exactly the same and were kept quite. But now we have these idiots who just want to stir the pot.
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By eriknben10
Phaedrus wrote:
eriknben10 wrote:
I agree with what he is alleged to have said.

Why am I not surprised? Back in 2016 I stated that I did not think he was a racist. I've changed my mind and you can join him in my basket of deplorables - people who judge individuals based on the circumstances they live in or the color of their skin.

Individuals apply for immigration, not countries.

Had nothing to do with race. We really don't care what you imagine we are. We know who we are and you can't change us with your childish accusations. Maybe you will learn something in the next 7 years. I kinda doubt it though.

This administration didn't put us in the position we are in, all the supreme educated rulers of the past did. This administration is dealing with the problem. If the eggheads in congress don't act it isn't because the President didn't lay it out for them.
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By norton
President Trump , politically speaking, may be our only hope as a nation and people. The Leftists (even the post above) have an agenda or live in a make believe world. They willingly are ignorant of world history and what has and is happening to this nation and culture.
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