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By Boro Friend
That swamp has been so infested for so long that it may never get drained despite the very best of intentions.
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By Ryan
Phaedrus wrote:
Ryan wrote:what? Go to hell you sick bastard. YOU are everything that is wrong with America today. And do you ever STFU?

Sorry, I don't understand what you are specifically angry with. Is there something inaccurate in what I said.

I couldn't give to s-its if you understood what I was angry about or not. My comments are mostly for the benefit of others reading the garbage that flows from your demented mind. I'd given up helping you understand a very long time ago.

I guess the answer to the last question is
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By eriknben10
Phaedrus wrote:I believe that had the Obama administration made a big issue of Russian attempts to undermine the election, it would have been seen as using the power of National Intelligence agencies to attack the opposition candidate and would have set a very bad precedence both for future elections and for faith in our institutions. Just consider how Clinton supporters saw Comey's declarations as undermining Clinton and multiply that a hundred fold if Obama had begun an open investigation into Russian support of Trump.

I've heard that talking point. :roll:

What did they do when they found out about it in 2014 long before the election, long before anyone even knew who would be our candidates? The President doesn't run National Intelligence agencies. Do you have another excuse?
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By Phaedrus
I guess you would need to show me what they knew and how they knew it would be a specific threat in 2016. We know that cyber warfare was being watched. We know they were aware of problems in other countries. We know they were watching the Russians. We know they dropped the ball.

But, to suddenly raise the issue of Russian influnece and pursue it aggressively during the election would have been seen as purely opportunistic.

One thing they could not predict was a candidate who would collude with the Russian government to achieve victory and promote Russian interests.
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By Phaedrus
Stinky Pete wrote:Just remember, his reply wasn't meant for you. It was for other people. Yeah, that's it! It was for other people! So he's not going to explain what it meant.

He types faster than he thinks.
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