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By eriknben10
Phaedrus wrote:E&B, I'll make a couple points

1. What Clinton and Obama said was true and rational.
2. Wouldn't it be nice if Trump could speak like that? How much more unifying would it be? Instead we get hatred and anger and demonizing people with lies.

It's as true and rational today. Nothing has been done to change the tide yet.
I'm glad our President doesn't walk in the same shoes as those two. The division comes from the sore losers. Funny, hatred and anger is all I see from you on this sight. Why do you blame others for your own actions? Why do you let others control your emotions?
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By norton
Hope all will take the time to read this short paragraph.- Free societies are not the NORM for world history. Beware
From a Milton Friedman page- "There is a strong tendency for all of us to regard what is as if it were the “natural” or “normal” state of affairs, to lack perspective because of the tyranny of the status quo. It is, therefore, well, from time to time, to make a deliberate effort to look at things in a broader context. In such a context anything approaching a free society is an exceedingly rare event. Only during short intervals in man’s recorded history has there been anything approaching what we would call a free society in existence over any appreciable part of the globe. And even during such intervals, as at the moment, the greater part of mankind has lived under regimes that could by no stretch of the imagination be called free." --- Vote with Conservative values in view.
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By Ryan
Phaedrus wrote:Hi everybody! Just checking in to give the other view.

Trump is a racist, sexist disgusting slimeball with totalitarian leanings and the understanding of a gnat.

Thank you.

Typical liberal thinks he's smarter than Trump. Laughable.
No hate comes from Trumps mouth. He simply puts America and American citizens first and defends his position from the attack of the leftists. They hate America, it's history and the constitution so when a President emerges with the full support of more than half the nation, the reality sets in for the left. They can not win with their agenda. They need deception to win.

There is really just one person who is responsible for the political climate we are experiencing now. The community organizer who community organized America for 8 years with his radical Alinsky-style tactics and socialist agenda. TRUMP is equipped to save America from the jaws of socialism and I thank God for that every day.

So as the left goes further and further left to find it's support, they realize that the leftist radicals can not intimidate and manipulate enough to win as long as Trump defends America. That is why they NEED to encourage illegals to come to America AND VOTE. That is why they must divide America into concise sections that can be demonized (Alinsky) Otherwise their dream of the socialist, one-world America ruled by the liberal aristocracy that Obama planted will die a sudden and powerless death. This is why Trump must be attacked from all angles and slandered and demonized continuously and ultimately silenced.

The more irrational the Trump hate is, the more obvious the desperation of the left.
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By norton
Beware of the Democrats. That party is now the Socialist party and will use any and all Leftist individuals to gain power and continue to undermine this once great nation. Remember free societies throughout history have not been the norm and the Democrats desire to undermine our culture and use any means available to them . That includes the leftist "Entertainment" industry. Vote Republican.
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By norton
Folks, It is not 1950 any longer. The Democratic Party has dramatically turned more and more Leftist. Our once great nation is in trouble and turmoil in virtually every area. The left , in reality, has been and will continue to be the influence and driver of our decline. Vote Republican. No government or candidate is "perfect" but a voter simply has to go with those who hold the values that will , at least, allow this nation and culture to survive. Vote with Conservative ideals.
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By eriknben10
Drain the swamp day for voters!
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