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By norton
How thankful we (actual Americans of course) can be to have a President who actually cares for this nation and culture. The leftist fools on this forum are simply bent on continuing the Leftist dogma and downward spiral of America and all it stood for. They would be good little Nazis or Commies no doubt. In fact,,, maybe they are in reality. :(
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By norton
Millionaire Donohue still desired not to understand. (like our in-house Leftists on this forum)
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By Phaedrus
Well, Norton, you fail to see a middle ground between capitalist greed and socialist altruism, proclaiming the former to be necessary and the later to be impossible.
So, let's consider this, is Christianity a celebration of greed, or does it temper greed? If it tempers greed, why would Jesus interfere with people maximizing profit?
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