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By eriknben10
Flynn lied to the FBI and to the Vice President. He got fired by the President and we'll soon see what happens when you lie to the FBI and get caught. We already know it is a federal offense but what will be the punishment?
I wonder if they will get to the person that committed the crime of releasing Flynn's name to the press thereby interfering with the investigation itself? Who knows what they might have learned if the investigation wasn't exposed so quickly?
It will be interesting to find out that after all that noise over the last year if there is any beef in the burger. The cry is for collusion . I don't think they will get there.
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By Boro Friend
Crowbird23 wrote:I hope they don't get Eric.

There is a CNN report that they are looking at you. Backed up by MSNBC.
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By eriknben10
I think they gave Brian Ross a few weeks to reflect on the debacle. He'll have the scoop after his 4 week vacation.
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By Boro Friend
So now the cry for collusion has turned into a cry for obstruction. When that fails I wonder what the next talking point will be.
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By JuneCarter
Exactly. KT McFarland lied about Russian contacts. Manafort violated court agreement and continued speaking with Russians including Russian Intelligence up to and including November 30th.

Duetsche Bank is under subpoena. Looks like Kushner is next.

Mueller's team is moving steadfastly up the rungs.
Phaedrus wrote:Maybe the idea is that the obstruction happened for a reason? Hiding collusion for instance? Just a thought.

That a boy, dream big .
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