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By Phaedrus
You are in denial. Everything you wrote about the press can be applied to Trump in spades. The man is a pathological liar and his attempts to force people to bend to his lies show a tenuous grasp of reality.
No one can put me in denial. That includes Trump, the press or anyone else. I call it like I see it and stand behind everything I say.
No actually here's the thing . I don't need you to explain the definition of denial. You are like the leftist professor who thinks if you say it , it must be true.
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By Phaedrus
Phaedrus wrote:If you imply you can't be in denial because you call things as you see them, then it is obvious you don't understand what constitutes denial.

I'll bite. Please tell me where in this statement there is double-talk and how the statement reflects liberalism.

For extra points, you can define "liberal double-talk." Please illustrate with examples of liberal vs conservative or some other kind of double-talk.
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