Phaedrus wrote:Agreed. Release the memo. It's just like the agent a few weeks back who supposedly had explosive material, but said he could not release it because of top secrecy. Turned out he could because of whistleblower protection and it turned out to be nothing. But, for a short time, the Right-wing press was able to make a lot of noise about it. The memo is more valuable as a propaganda tool and is a classic move, like people running about saying they have a list of names of subversives.

All the more reason.
By Phaedrus
JW wrote:Peter Strzok and Lisa Page memos are explosive. Proves the FBI was in the Clinton camp. :shock:

Actually no. What it proves is that those two hate Trump. Perfectly understandable. I hope they find and release the missing memos. Will make for entertaining reading. :D
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Phaedrus wrote:That's right. Do you think I am kidding when I say release it?


Actually , don't take it personal but I really didn't care if you where kidding.
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By JuneCarter
JuneCarter wrote:The U.S. debt to China is $1.157 trillion, as of September 2016. That's 30 percent of the $3.901 trillion in Treasury bills, notes, and bonds held by foreign countries. The rest of the $19.5 trillion debt is owned by either the American people or by the U.S. government itself.

Yup! Scary!
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By JuneCarter
JuneCarter wrote:He has no idea that a tweet can cause market volatility or diplomatic nightmares. It's scary .

He's learned that his tweets do drive the market and has done so with malice and aforethought.

The raid and warrant queue is certainly growing very long for President Orange is the new black.
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