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By eriknben10
Comey is a gift to the right. That guy needs to take some courses from Trump U. :lol:
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By norton
Don't take a free society for granted. The Left (all powerful, big government advocates) never give up the fight against the common man and freedom.
read and understand-- From a Milton Friedman page- "There is a strong tendency for all of us to regard what is as if it were the “natural” or “normal” state of affairs, to lack perspective because of the tyranny of the status quo. It is, therefore, well, from time to time, to make a deliberate effort to look at things in a broader context. In such a context anything approaching a free society is an exceedingly rare event. Only during short intervals in man’s recorded history has there been anything approaching what we would call a free society in existence over any appreciable part of the globe. And even during such intervals, as at the moment, the greater part of mankind has lived under regimes that could by no stretch of the imagination be called free."
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By JuneCarter
On this, the two year anniversary of this thread, let me just state on this most auspicious occasion that:
Darth Bonespurs didn't go to France or Arlington Cemetary to honor the fallen heroes. He spent yesterday insulting the Navy Seal that killed Bin Ladin (who was Saudi Arabian).
Remember that Turkish Cleric that lives in the Poconos? The one Donald Trump's trusted advisor and National Security Advisor was going to kidnap and return to to Turkey for a personal profit of 15 Million?
Well, Stable Genius wants to send the cleric to Turkey so they will ease up on Saudi Arabia for dismembering an American Resident and journalist. Turkey will promptly execute the cleric.

He sure likes the Saudis. I didn't notice his bonespurs bothering him when he was dancing over in Saudi Arabia.
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By norton
Franklin Graham wrote ----- For weeks now we’ve been hearing about this caravan of thousands of people from Central America who are on their way to crash through the U.S. border and claim asylum. I guess there’s a little bit of skeptic in me that makes me wonder how thousands of people, all at the same time, decided to set out on this trek. An effort like this requires coordination and resources. One Mexican official said, “These caravans are very well orchestrated. We’ve seen signals that there is money. The signals are different from the typical flow of migrants.” It makes me wonder where those resources are coming from, who might be behind it, and what their motivations are. There are some who would like to create a crisis on the border just to try to make President Donald J. Trump look bad. Unfortunately innocent people in the caravan are being used as pawns. It is also dangerous—rapes and kidnappings are occurring along the way. No question, there are also violent criminals mixed into this crowd.
Let’s pray for the people in the caravan. Pray for our border police and military that they make the right decisions, and pray for President Donald Trump as he responds to this issue. We don’t want people on either side of the fence to get hurt.
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By norton
Folks, This for all here except the foolish Leftists infesting our land and Go Aston ,,,,, here is my kind of "Mob".
By Phaedrus
While Trump attacks Rep. Omar, let's look back on his reactions to 9/11

* Shortly after the towers fell, Trump was bragging about how his building, 40 Wall Street, was now the tallest in Manhattan: “I mean, 40 Wall Street actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan, and it was actually before the World Trade Center the tallest, and then when they built the World Trade Center it became known as the second-tallest, and now it’s the tallest,” he said.

* Trump accepted $150,000 to compensate for damages caused by 9/11. Trump himself previously said the building did not suffer physical damages during 9/11. It was technically eligible for the grant because of "economic damages" and because the company employed less than 500 people. I'd love to see that application.

* Claiming he cleared rubble from the buildings (he did not),
* Claiming that he saw people jumping from the towers (he was four miles away)
* Claimed that he lost “hundreds” of friends that day (no proof).
* Claimed he donated $10,000 to 9/11 victims (no record of it).
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