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By eriknben10
Comey is a gift to the right. That guy needs to take some courses from Trump U. :lol:
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By norton
Don't take a free society for granted. The Left (all powerful, big government advocates) never give up the fight against the common man and freedom.
read and understand-- From a Milton Friedman page- "There is a strong tendency for all of us to regard what is as if it were the “natural” or “normal” state of affairs, to lack perspective because of the tyranny of the status quo. It is, therefore, well, from time to time, to make a deliberate effort to look at things in a broader context. In such a context anything approaching a free society is an exceedingly rare event. Only during short intervals in man’s recorded history has there been anything approaching what we would call a free society in existence over any appreciable part of the globe. And even during such intervals, as at the moment, the greater part of mankind has lived under regimes that could by no stretch of the imagination be called free."
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