Phaedrus wrote:Your 30% is the result of a market shortage of rental properties for all those people who lost their homes. It won't last either with all the apartment building going on.

No idea what you are talking about. None of my renters ever lost a home. They prefer to rent rather than deal with home ownership. My rents haven't even gone up with inflation. In fact, I haven't raised rents in years even though the taxes continue to rise.
Are you saying they are going to move out of a home and into an expensive new apartment? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

If you buy a home for $120k and put $30k material and labor into it, sell it 3 months later for $235k what is the ROI?
By Phaedrus
I'm glad to see you don't take advantage of your tenants.

On your other point, it would be irrelevant whether your tenants used to own a home as that would have no impact on the market. Having thousands of people lose their homes impacts the market and can affect rents for people who never owned.

Of course, you know that, don't you.
Lending money to people that can't afford a home should have been a crime. It was sad the government created such a mess.
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By eriknben10
If you owe anything, they own your ass-et. Unless you have the title, clear and free in your possession someone else owns the asset. If you owe on a home, you are not a homeowner. Very few folks have the sort of discipline, time and know-how like Stinky to use the system to benefit from renting a house from the bank.
Stinky Pete wrote:Thinking of paying it off now that the tax laws changed.

You know what is best for your financial situation. I used the advantages long ago too. So many don't have a clue.
I never liked the basically free Prius (as a friend of mine put it) deal the government gave out years ago but I also respected the folks who took full advantage of the handout.
One small part of me would like to see a big market crash, and then see people try to get their money out of those 'crash proof retirement' scams. Unfortunately, that would be cutting off my nose to spite my face.
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