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50 plus wrote:More like "let's get our profits while Obama is still here"

Sorry but you are dead wrong. Big business believes the Trump admin will be more business friendly. Hence The Trump Bump.
By Phaedrus
The Trump effect is real, particularly with the expectation of windfall profits through lower corporate taxes.

However, I would point out that the market is also supported by good economic fundamentals such as productivity, job growth, GDP numbers, etc.

A word of caution is that there is a lot of monetary policy that has been propping up the market.
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By Boro Friend
Crowbird23 wrote:P.T Barnum would have loved you.

How you making out with that crowd anyway ?
Obama is leaving Trump with a good economy, Trump's promises of tax cuts and deregulation; A new Goldman Sachs presidential cabinet, shale reserves.
If they would just let people get mortgages again and not let the Fed screw with the rates.
Dodd- Frank is going to take a hit as well. Look for community banks to make a come back and loans given to those who have earned the credit.
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