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By eriknben10
That story didn't say anything about the river rock the kids tossed down the clean out that clogged the sewer drain and caused the backup into the building. The broken clean out that they snapped off had nothing to do with the backup into the building. There is documentation of the entire clean out. Roots and rock caused the backup and all were 200' away from the broken clean out. Took 3 days to clean the line and the guys that did it have the video of the obstructions.
Another thing they got wrong with the story was the size of the clean out was only 4" cast iron with a 1 1/2" piece of PVC stuck in the ground where the clean out was snapped off marking the spot.
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By eriknben10
They also forgot to mention that the sewer has backed up twice that I know of, before the pipeline even started. The same place where the clean out without a cap where the kids put the rock in. 2 years ago they had to clean up a mess where it overflowed into the back yard of a home on Park Ln.
Funny part was when they developed the area around Elwyn and ran new sewer lines for those homes back there They hooked into the sewer main that runs down Park Ln. For some of the homes on Dorothy Way and Beatrice Ln. They added a pit and man hole cover 6' away from the Elwyn pit and the men cleaning the line had to dig down about a foot to find the old man hole/pit. It was covered when they put the sidewalk in along Judy Way. The hole between the curb and sidewalk is still there today waiting on the Sewer authority to raise the man hole so it is accessible in the future. A lot of folks use the sidewalk and I'm waiting for someone to trip or fall into the hole and bring a lawsuit for injury. If it is one of the walkers that work at Elwyn who use that sidewalk it could be an expensive mistake to let that open hole with no caution tape surrounding it.
The manhole in the street here is for the development and the old one for Elwyn is between the curb and sidewalk. ... 312!8i6656

Here is what it looks like today.
Judy Way.jpg
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By eriknben10
July 27, 2018 —We are pleased to confirm that the settlement agreement between the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) and the Clean Air Council, the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, and Mountain Watershed Association, Inc. has no impact on the Mariner East 2 or 2X pipeline projects, which are nearing completion.

From the outset, Sunoco Pipeline has maintained that the permits issued for the construction of ME2 and ME2X were properly and lawfully issued by PA DEP and fully protective of the environment. This has been continuously supported by nationally-recognized experts.

The appellants’ inability to identify a single expert on any of the issues they raised and the pending withdrawal of their appeal demonstrates once again that our position that the permits were lawfully issued has been confirmed.

Read the PA DEP statement here. ... 5&typeid=1
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By eriknben10
Yes it is and the alarmists lost every war they waged thanks to intelligent people. Imagine a world where the kooks ruled, people freezing to death, starvation on a greater scale than it already is, travel and delivery of goods ground to a halt. My guess is most of them heat their homes and drive their cars with one or more of the products Sunoco provides. By providing energy here and to other parts of the world they can keep the costs down and we live in a much better place. Not to mention the jobs it created before, during and after the construction of vital infrastructure.
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By eriknben10
Phaedrus wrote:

You think a witch hunt will stop progress? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: There is one born every day!
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