Only 7 1/2 more years of hot air from the losers. This is really going to be fun after the midterms.
The guy overestimated the expected crowd. The reason they rent these partitioned rooms is so they can expand or shrink them as needed, but at some point you have to live with the crappy turnout.
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By Ryan
This event had about the same number of people that were present at the Hillary victory rally. You know the people that all showed up to see her and worked so hard supporting her, only to learn that she was not even going to show to console them and thank them for their support.

Imagine, all of these people are still willing to show up to a "rally" when there is not even an actual event to rally about for another 3 years! I'm pretty sure I would not be trying to downplay the significance of thousands of supporters showing up at this moment. It really shows how much support he still has. And trust me, come 2019 these crowds will be bigger than the 2016 tour. Much much bigger.

You lefties should be working on your game, not trying to spin Trump's game. How many are showing up to leftist "rallies" these days? I'll answer that, as many as you can pay!

Keep laughing, you'll never learn.
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