He should quit listening to these spokespeople I suppose.

City of Phoenix spokeswoman Julie Watters on Thursday morning said that many people showed up for the rally but not all were able to enter.

"I can confirm the overall number of people who came to the rally was approximately 15,000," Watters said in an email. "There were more than 10,000 inside and there were approximately between 4,500 to 5,000 outside who were turned away because the event was wrapping up."

A Phoenix Convention Center spokeswoman said the venue's capacity was 19,000

Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Jonathan Howard said Wednesday that the number of people outside likely was more than 5,000.
Stinky Pete wrote:Trump didn't rent the whole convention center. He leased a room with a 4200 capacity.

Which room was he in? Or building I should say since you know so much about it.
I figured you couldn't find it and since you don't believe the person that confirmed the 10k inside and 4,500-5k outside, I'll take your word for it. :lol:

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