Yes hard to put 10k into a room that holds 12,500. You are a funny guy. You might want to try something other than the Clinton News Network. She lost the election in case you didn't hear.
Sure I love cheese. Like it with my rum better though.

Stinky really is full of hot air
Phaedrus wrote:Trump tweeted that 15,000 people were at his event in Phoenix. The capacity at the venue is about 4,100.
Are you talking about the rally that was in July 2015?
Wonder Dog wrote:your both wrong. The *used* space in the room held about 4000. Don't make me come back again

You must have been in a different building than my buddy that went to the rally. Besides that, USA Today shot it as well during the rally.
Wonder what happened to the yuggggggggeeeee space the fake news is putting out?

http://www.azcentral.com/videos/news/lo ... 104948324/
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