JuneCarter wrote:I guess Fox isn't covering this story either. From NBC :

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former U.S. Attorney General Mike Mukasey disclosed they wanted to go around prosecutors and cut a deal between the Turkish and U.S. governments for a client accused of laundering Iranian money, a federal prosecutor alleged in a letter to a federal judge Friday.

Giuliani, now President Trump's cyber czar, and Mukasey are part of the defense team for Reza Zarrab, a Turkish-Iranian gold trader charged in federal court with helping the Iranian government avoid sanctions and launder hundreds of millions.

They did not inform the court formally that they were representing the client, and lead attorney Ben Brafman said they would not be appearing in court on behalf of Zarrab. On March 28, the judge asked the defense to disclose the role of the two men in the defense team, and also explain why it had not been disclosed previously.

Not sure about Fox. I read something about it in the NYT this past Thursday though.
There is a reporter I follow by the name of Louise Mensch. You might like her but be prepared because the door swings both ways. One party isn't any less guilty when it comes to letting Russia grow so bold or with regard to using personal data for political gain. I.e. The IRS using its information to basically attack conservative groups.

She was a guest on Bill Maher last week.
The Russophobia crowd is huggggggeeeeee.
Be patient little liberal guy. They 're piecing it all together. She may have been involved in some of the unmasking and may have made multiple requests according to Fox News . Back in March she said she knew nothing about any surveillance at all . So what was there to unmask ? There are folks digging hard into this. I told you all they are not going to let it go And she may not have been the only one involved. By the way you're not exactly Clarence Darrow pal , you just play one on Go Aston.
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