When they invite or subpoena her for her testimony, do you think she will plead the 5th on the important questions or ask for Immunity in advance?
June, All I can say is if you like it in this case you better like forever. It won't get any better. It looks like they relaxed and side step a lot of rules. They unmasked and leaked. Subverted the law to spy on political opposition . Troubled waters ahead if we just let it slide. You try breaking the law and see where it gets you. It doesn't excuse any alleged wrong doing by Trump. Two wrongs never make a right. Mishandling of intelligence is the story.
But Trump encouraged and praised Wikileaks ( who is the peanut butter to Russia's jelly), suborned Russia to hack/provide Clinton emails and cheered Comey's release of Clinton email investigation. So it's already been the norm.

This should have been made known prior to the election but could you imagine?
One thing to have the information stolen or hacked ,quite another to have the federal government mishandling their responsibilities.
JuneCarter wrote:That theory I followed down the rabbit hole was bumped up to a confirmed story. I'll have more faith in it if Wa Po or NY Times gives it a bump.

I wasn't commenting on any particular story. You have made a few statements about your admirable desire to focus on legitimate news sources and I'm not so sure she is one of them. Good to see you wait for confirmation. :wink:
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Who said it was mishandled; and if it was then they pay the price.
This isn't a Scooter Libby situation and Scooter got a love tap.

Again, the story is the story. Stop trying to kill the messenger. We need messengers.
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