Phaedrus wrote:
JuneCarter wrote:That theory I followed down the rabbit hole was bumped up to a confirmed story. I'll have more faith in it if Wa Po or NY Times gives it a bump.

I wasn't commenting on any particular story. You have made a few statements about your admirable desire to focus on legitimate news sources and I'm not so sure she is one of them. Good to see you wait for confirmation. :wink:

She can be a bit squirrelly and annoying to read at times but I think she's right on the money/data laundering. I don't even remotely understand a tenth of the technical data jargon but I think I understand the voter roll info theft.
We know there has been a crime committed i.e., the leaking of classified intelligence. They are seeking the moles in that crime. I don't see Susan Rice nor Sally Yates giving any information on what they know about those leaks. In fact they both are saying the opposite, leaking is good.
On the other hand, all these investigations are also chasing a theory of collusion, if they could find any creditable evidence would also be a crime. Here these women are willing to go along with anything they can to find this imaginary crime. I guess we'll have to wait and see how it goes.
Looks like we will have 9 Supreme Justices by weeks end to sort it all out for us. :lol:
I don't know anything about that but Sara Carter from Circa news has been doing a methodical piece by piece dissection of events. She has help and will get there.
Everyone knows Susan Rice served the United States with "honor and distinction" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
So it appears Rice is going to take the hot seat in this saga like she did for the Benghazi story. Going to be fun to watch this trained professional liar wiggle her way around this one. Wonder which way she will go? I think she will plead the 5th on the advice of her lawyer. Who did you share the classified names with? At the advice of my attorney, I plead the 5th! Why did you need to know the names of US1, US2 being you are not an investigator and merely a White House lackey? At the advice of my attorney, I plead the 5th! Since it had nothing to do with Russia or any other FBI investigation why were you asked to find out the names of US1, US2? At the advice of my attorney, I plead the 5th! When you blurted out on MSNBC you didn't know a thing about what Nunes was talking about, who schooled you on what the reality was? :roll: :roll:
I loved it when Andrea Mitchell asked Rice if she was willing to testify. She almost swallowed her tongue . lol She did turn it around nicely with some anti Trump rhetoric but you could tell the question through her a little.
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