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By Phaedrus
#491385 ... ndlagarna/

In Swedish it is Grundlagardna which means Fundamentals. The translation to Constitution is acceptable in terms of function, but Fundamentals carries more of the flavor of the original documents which is a combination of the four Fundamental Laws. I believe in 1974 it was only one of the Fundamental laws that was changed.

The earlier article you posted suggested such large changing of Constitutions that it makes me want to see their actual data. It seems they may be counting every change and amendment. Maybe I missed something in the narrative?
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By Ryan
Phaedrus wrote:I don't think your reading comprehension is very good. You don't seem to be able to follow the thread of a discussion over multiple posts. And you still haven't answered my question.

To the contrary. My comprehension is just fine, it's the rambling around and intentional deflection that is challenging to me.

Yes I did, perhaps your reading comprehension is the issue or maybe you just didn't like my answer. Your nonsense is laborious. You confiscate all of the air in the room so that nobody can have a thought without hearing your snarky retorts. My life is too valuable to continue to have discussions with you.
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By Ryan
Stinky Pete wrote:I always laugh when people posting on this forum tell us that they're too good to post on this forum.

who said that? I was just speaking to the b i tch
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By Ryan
JuneCarter wrote:
Ryan wrote:who said that? I was just speaking to the b i tch

You rang?

no, the other b itch LOL Sorry, I've been a little irritable lately. I apologize for going a little too far (again). :oops:
peace, love and Bobby Sherman.
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