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By Phaedrus
It seems to me that the only principles Republicans have left are tax cuts for the rich and no abortions for the poor.

And this from a party that has traditionally seen itself as standing on bedrock principles based on conservative values.
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By eriknben10
The end of outright theft in the middle class.

"If you don't have coverage in 2017, you must pay 2.5 percent of your yearly household income or $695 per person ($347.50 per child under 18). You pay the higher of these two amounts. In future years, the fee will be adjusted for inflation."
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By Stinky Pete
No, the theft continues when those people are in the hospital for bypass surgery, kidney failure, diabetes-related issues, etc. , and they have no insurance. I see this first hand all the time. We're paying for them one way or the other.
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