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By Stinky Pete
Ryan wrote:
Stinky Pete wrote:I always laugh when people posting on this forum tell us that they're too good to post on this forum.

who said that? I was just speaking to the b i tch

Ok. Sorry.
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By Phaedrus
And no Ryan, you didn't really answer my question. A dictionary definition of the present meaning of exceptional is not the same as saying what you mean when you use the term "American Exceptionalism" and how it has been used in the past. You're just lazy. Even the little definition you posted left out the word that was being defined and included something about peppers.

Now I'm sure your excuse for being lazy is that you couldn't be bothered with me, yadda-yadda, but then you're playing right into Stinky's comment about how you are too superior to respond properly, etc.
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