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By eriknben10
Ryan wrote:I said it from the beginning. Trump is the master of negotiation. He literally wrote the book. You dare not second guess his positioning decisions, he will make you look like a fool.

The mans accomplishments thus far are impressive, despite the resistance. You can't stop a train! The mole's are being exposed. The next 6 1/2 years are going to be fun to watch. One wonders how the fools can keep making up new ways to try belittling him. They have failed thus far. It 's only made him stronger.
By Phaedrus
I don't think there is anyone on goaston who was more against government picking winners and losers than you. I guess one of Trump's accomplishments has been to shut you up on that and expose your hypocrisy. He did the same for all the deficit hawks.
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By norton
How thankful we should and can be for President Trump. A President who actually cares for and gives hope to this nation and people. Leftist Obama brought us so very low in every area of culture is still doing his best to undermine our nation and made and making big money doing it .
Beware of big government Leftists.
By Phaedrus
You believe Kim Jong Un?

I believe Kim will keep his nukes and has gained everything he wanted in prestige and leverage.

Trump gave away the store and looks like a fool.
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By eriknben10
grieker wrote:Also, so much for "He's going to take us to nuclear war" as well.

They keep saying the opposite of what is happening in hopes one day they get lucky and it will damage all the good the President is doing. They look at the past and think this administration is playing the same stupid game of kick the can. Little rocket boy knows he will be blasted off the earth if he doesn't comply.
By grieker
Yep. First Trump was a splash in a pan. Then Trump can't possible win because Shillery is taking it in a landslide. Then Trump was elected and it was stunning to watch PMSNBC and the Clinton News Network panel member in total shock in tears as they realized Trump is your next president. Then Trump won't last three months, 6 months 1 year... The progressives are so washed by the lyin'progressive fake news media machines they remain in first stage of depression unable to commit to the failure of Shillery's coronation.

The lyin'progressive fake news media machines are no longer media. They are super PACs of the progressives, Democrats and other liberals doing their bidding.
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By eriknben10
I like the way they are back to bashing Comey now that the IG report is out. Yep he is the one to blame this week for the Dems loss. Still trying to figure out why they lost to the"basket of deplorables"! I can't wait for the next revelation from the "Most of us" crowd. :lol: :lol: :lol:
By grieker
I record PMSNBC, CNN and FOX, and I watch CBS, ABC and NBC evening news.

It is amazing the amount of colluding and conspiring that goes on betwixt the progressive outlets. Diametrically opposed to reality with obvious bullet (talking points) handed out during their collusion meetings.

Absolutely amazing.
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