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By BigGabber
Oh Jesus Christ do you honestly think the a$$hat in chief is a Christian? If you defend anything this moron in office is doing you are apart of the problem. You'll have some explaining to do when you see Jesus. He's brown btw. :twisted:
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By norton
We as a nation and people are reaping what has been sowed. We have allowed the anti-God Leftists to undermine the culture that was based on the Judeo-Christian ethic and made this the hope and destination of so many. Evil will continue to reign and develop unless the God of the Bible is again reverenced and respected. I fear that will not occur.
The leftist sorts that have even undermined this simple forum shows the inclination of these individuals. :|
-------------------Psalm 33:12 = Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.
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By Stinky Pete
Beware of Norton and the alt right, people. They pretend to be Christians, all the while spewing hatred and racism. They're not Christians. They're just evil people. They claim they want smaller government, but they want the government to prevent non-Christians from practicing their religion. They want the government to give preference to whites. They want the government to promote only their beliefs. They want the government to make women subservient. There's nothing small about their government. They represent everything bad and disgusting in America.
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By breitak67
I'm intrigued by this "What happened to GoBrookhaven" mystery. I've only been around sporadically for the last year or so, and I must have missed it. Was there some scandal involving Norton and the GoBrookhaven board?