By Phaedrus
norton wrote:The Left controls the media and sadly the minds of far to many including the sorts that post on here far to often. Liberals like Stinky Pete and Phaedrus have only one agenda and mindset. Undermine our once great nation and culture.

Not always. On my off days I like to go bowling.
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By norton
Saw one today along with a group of other birds.
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By norton
Aston , or is it Chi Zoo on Cherry Tree Rd-
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By norton
Get your bin full of coal for the rest of winter. :-)
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By eriknben10
Do you know the shelf life of anthracite Norton? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I built a home in 2000 and we put a coal stove on the lower level with a 20 ton vat to hold the coal. Only need fill the hopper once a day. Cheapest, cleanest heat on the market.
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By norton
Darby Borough - Coal delivery probably mid60s.
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