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By norton
Stinky Pete wrote:
eriknben10 wrote: I doubt if any of the group Stinky pointed to was even there. But you believe what you want.

I'm sure you're right.

Always remember that the actual Nazi party were confirmed Leftists (kinda like our Stinky) as it advocated and in reality formed a powerful central government that CONTROLLED all. Don't let the modern leftists persuade you that that is not fact. "Never in the history of the world has a powerful central government been the friend of the common man" ---and that includes Nazi party .
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By norton
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By eriknben10
Carrying a Nazi flag doesn't make you a Nazi anymore than carrying the American flag makes you American. How many of those deranged people killed anyone? The killer was carrying the VA flag which leads people to believe he was a member of that group. I have my doubts he was even in the VA group. To post such nonsense is just more of your hatred for others opinions that don't agree with yours. Now run along and remove all the statues that depict something you want to erase from memory. Here is one they erected just for you.
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By JuneCarter
Carrying a Nazi flag makes you an --censor--. Period. There were no fine Nazis.

Gotta run. We're on the hunt to get a photo of the elusive Benedict Arnold likeness.
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By Phaedrus
Well, we made all the Benedict Arnold lovers move to Canada where I can find no evidence on the internet that any statues were erected to him. Probably because he was a loser and there was nobody to intimidate.
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