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By norton
All, Be thankful we have a president who actually cares for and has interest in the betterment and safety of our citizens. Obama is and was simply a Leftist with intent to destroy this great land.
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By norton
Wonder how long the remains will last. Goes down hill more every year.
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By eriknben10
Stinky Pete wrote:The sea level is going uphill every year.

If you want to do an experiment to see why, try this. Fill your bathtub half way, then pour in twenty 50 pound bags of sand, calculate the rise on the side of the tub. Now you can see what is happening right before your eyes. Now imagine all the sand and sediment entering the sea, yes it is rising.
I read Florida is tired of paying top dollar for the sand they pour onto their coastline trucked in from inland mines on a daily basis and are looking at getting it brought in from the Bahamas at a cheaper rate. SMH

"The cycle is endless: Beaches must be rebuilt again and again, because oceanfront construction and cutting of inlets interrupted the natural ebb and flow of beaches."

"There isn’t a natural grain of sand on the beach in Northern New Jersey; there is no Miami Beach unless we build it," Young says. "The real endangered species on the coast of the US isn’t the piping plover or the loggerhead sea turtle. It’s an unengineered beach."
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By eriknben10
Then there are these stories of where the sand comes from. If you believe them I have some swamp land in Okeechobee for sale. ... aches.html
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By eriknben10
60 Tons Of Cosmic Dust Fall To Earth Every Day. I like to tell my wife it is pet dander on the window sills but we all know it is cosmic dust.
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Phaedrus wrote:
JW wrote:Obama was the one who cranked up the printing presses with nothing to back it.

That is not correct. The first round of "Quantitative Easing" began under Bush immediately after the 2008 election. It was too important to have it become an election issue, particularly with an irresponsible and desperate candidate like McCain who probably would have insisted that everybody go back to a room in Washington until the monetary crisis was solved. Oh, wait, he already tried that. :lol:

I can just imagine all the BS that would have poured out of Palin's mouth as she tried to position herself for 2012. :roll:

Just to be precise, they don't "crank up printing presses" but I'm sure you know that.

Please explain what you mean by "nothing to back it."

The Obama admin., cranked up the printing presses and printed 1 trillion dollars out of thin air.
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By eriknben10
Speaking of mud slides.
"When mountains crumble to the sea, There will still be you and me."
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