From USA Today

"Another campaign promise fell apart in the past 24 hours, although this one had a bit more advance notice. The Trump administration begrudgingly admitted Monday that Iran is complying with the nuclear deal that started under the Obama administration, although officials say Iran's support of terrorism and development of ballistic missiles "severely undermine the intent” of the agreement.
The deal lifted sanctions on Iran and allows the country to pursue peaceful nuclear technology. Trump had vowed to dismantle the agreement on the campaign trail, specifically the expiration of some nuclear restrictions in the coming years."
A message to conservatives.

So the socialist democrat party lines up and votes for a disaster that is about to destroy our health system and the American economy without even reading it, and it's the dysfunctional Republican party's fault? the fact that the Republicans are having such a hard time formulating an alternative solution for health care in America speaks to exactly how bad the original bill was. This was the plan from the jump, create an interim bill that can only be replaced with a full blown marxist single payer system. The pain we will feel is the result of Democratic/socialist policy, NOT THE WORK OF THOUGHTFUL REPUBLICANS. They created this disaster now they are pointing at Republicans and blaming them for not fixing it. Remember it's OBAMACARE and Obama that intentionally set out to destroy America, not the Republicans.

It's truly a sinister stroke of genius on Obama's part. Frankly I'm impressed by Obama's political skill and disgusted by the socialist legislators and by Americans that would vote for such a man. He set out to "rebuild America from the ground up", which first required that he destroy America as we know it. Had Hillary won in 2016, she would have finished us off! If not for the resilience of the Trump supporters, America would have one foot in the grave today.

This is a minor political setback that Trump will overcome. The right man was chosen to save America from the clutches of socialism. Have faith, President Trump will lead us out of these dark times and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.