By 50 plus
Drove by Duttons Mill shopping center and noticed an orange sign in the window, lights on and workers trucks. Anyone have any idea what is going in the old Blockbuster?

Also on Pennell, they've been putting in cement squares with rough in electric every 50' or so. Is this for the "beautification" project street lights or something? Still think they'll put trees down the middle of Pennell?

What's going on with that Newsome property that should be a park by now.

No work has started at all on the Valley View park besides taking down play equipment like 2 yrs ago. What's up?
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By Stinky Pete
Can I add my questions? I read probably a decade ago that houses on my street were going to get renumbered. Whatever happened with that? I'm so tired of not getting my mail, people not being able to find my house, GPS being useless, etc.

And what happened to the traffic circles which are coming in 2016?
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By sandbagger2
PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Aston Township Zoning Hearing Board will meet at the Township Municipal Building located at 5021 Pennell Road, Aston, Pa. on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. At this meeting the following petitions will be heard. Timothy F. Sullivan, Esquire on behalf of Anne Bradley, director Of Emmaus Home Inc., request Use Variance/Special Exception for a training center for special needs adults in an office building located at 2989 Dutton’s Mill Road. Aston, Penna. The property is located In a Limited Industry Zoning District. This is not a use permitted by right under section 1278.02 of the Aston Township Zoning Code. Jack Nilon, Esquire on behalf of Frania, Inc and John Devlin d/b/a/ Magic Mulch has filed an appeal for property located at 2101Mount Road, Aston, Pa. 19014 from the cease and desist order of Robert Ellis, Aston Township Code Official to operate the Magic Mulch business at the said address. Property is located in the Limited Industry Zoning District. Outside Storage is not permitted by right pursuant to Aston Township Zoning Code 1278 et seq Shane & Carrie Thomas owners of 681 Christopher Lane Aston, Penna., request variances to install a 5 foot high wrought Iron fence around the property. The parcel is a corner lot and located in a Residential 1 zoning district with a PRD Overlay. Variances are request from section 1292.08 and 1292.05 of the Aston Township Zoning Code. These petitions will be heard along with any other issues that pertain to these matters. At this meeting interested parties may appear and be heard for or against the granting of these petitions. Raymond Church, Chairman Zoning Hearing Board Attest: Richard D. Lehr Township Secretary DCT-Aug 13, 20-1a