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By eriknben10
Stinky Pete wrote:I think it's good for people to see that these terrorists exist, and are feeling braver since January. Maybe it helps certain people understand the problem isn't unique to radical Islam.

I think everyone already knows the problem isn't unique to the radical Islam thugs, it's just the Islam thugs are the leaders of violence in this age. It's not just since January that antifa started trying to block freedom of speech. These clowns are far left of Bernie Sanders even.
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By hustler
Donald Trump could walk out into his garage, mix some chemicals there together, discover a cure for all cancers with no side-effects and the next day when he announced his discovery the demented kooks on the left would find something wrong with what he did. They all suffer from "Trump Derangement Syndrome". They are so put out with his defeating their corrupt low-life Hillary when, according to all the experts, he had no chance to beat her, that their disparity brought on a form of mental illness. He is the President of the United States, he has already done more that Obama did in 8 years, he is bringing back the strength of the country, he is not getting impeached, live with it. Listening to these "self-proclaimed" know it all's on here reaffirms my strategy to only post 1 thing every year. Now the demented few can go back to defining their lives by bashing Trump for everything he does. Whew, getting a life really isn't that bad of a goal, and wherever it takes you will be more exciting than ranting and raving on here. Enjoy!
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By Stinky Pete
hustler wrote:. Listening to these "self-proclaimed" know it all's on here reaffirms my strategy to only post 1 thing every year.

Wait, you're not going by calendar years, are you? You're good now until at least next August. Don't post in January 2018 and claim it's a new year.
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By macdaddy
#490572 ... story.html

“They came by and had masks on,” recalled Tanya Italia, manager of a high-end furniture store. “They just smashed the window with a hammer. It was just a day of vandalism. I don’t think of them as real protesters.”

The next month, an evening protest march along Broad Street turned ugly at Temple University. Some anti-Trump demonstrators tossed latex gloves filled with dye at Philadelphia police and campus officers, the university said.

In May, police said up to 50 masked and black-clad men and women sprinted through a changing section of North Philadelphia, smashing windows in renovated buildings and more expensive cars and throwing Christmas ornaments filled with paint. They carried a banner that read: “Gentrification is death and revolt is life.”

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By Phaedrus
People like this should be arrested and the organizations and causes they claim to represent should denounce these activities.

That being said, the FOP should denounce bad cops.
#FOPLETMYPEOPLEGO ... et/383258/
"In Philadelphia, an inquiry was recently completed on 26 cases where police officers were fired from charges ranging from domestic violence, to retail theft, to excessive force, to on duty intoxication," Adam Ozimek writes in a Forbes article on reforms to policing. "Shockingly, the Police Advisory Committee undertaking the investigation found that so far 19 of these fired officers have been reinstated. Why does this occur? The committee blamed the arbitration process."
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By Stinky Pete
I hate unions. They make us less competitive by keeping poor performers around, and overpaying them.

If we could get rid of the bad police officers, that would solve some (not nearly all) of these problems.