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By eriknben10
Their hatred for President Trump spreads just like any other hatred. If you don't walk, talk or chew gum just like they do you are slandered to try and make you come to their beliefs. Condemning all hatred/violence is not good enough for the holier–than–thou crowd.
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By Phaedrus
astontibs wrote:
Phaedrus wrote:You just don't seem to understand what is going on. Trump addressed the violence rather than address the philosophies of these groups. It was an avoidance technique so that he would not have to criticize his KKK and Nazi supporters. Everyone, including the Alt-Right, sees it that way except you.

OK Phae, just replace Trump with Obama and KKK with Muslim extremist and what do you get?
Short memory.

I think a more apt comparison with Muslim extremist would be calling the Alt-Right Christian extremists. We have all probably seen statements, memes, etc. from Christians denying that these people represent Christian philosophy.
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By JuneCarter
Being called a racist or a nazi because you voted for Trump is ignorant.

Does that mean if you voted for Hillary you're a woman?

Not everyone realized Trump was a backer of white supremacy when they voted for him. And there was a deep mistrust of anything Hillary said. If she'd been more trusted maybe people would have listened to her dogwhistle and Russia statements.

There is much fault for the mess we're in. That also includes the media that enjoyed high debate ratings. There was much that could have been exposed about Trump but it was overshadowed by the reality tv mentality that encompassed the entire election.

I just hope we do better and pick better people to run for president from now on.
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By Stinky Pete
Maybe you have, but I have not heard any trump voter regret their vote. Literally, not one Trump voter I know have I heard say they would change their vote.
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By astontibs
What is your proof that he is a backer of white supremacy. He has a past history that is completely counter to that.
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By eriknben10
I know a few who actually wish they would have voted for him. Time will tell if the obstruction works for the opposing clan . I think it will get him reelected.