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By Phaedrus
Ryan wrote:

- "someone so stupid" - What leads you to conclude the President (or anyone) is stupid?
- "with no class" - How do you define "class"? How do you know quantitatively when a person has class ?
- "no idea what he is doing" - What actions or outcomes have lead you to this conclusion about the president?

I'm just curious.

One other thing, since you claim that you wanted Hillary brought up on charges, would you mind sharing whether or not you voted for her? Again, I'm curious if you were willing to vote for a suspected criminal.

I'll answer, for myself. I want Hillary prosecuted because I think she will get off, but at least we will have a proper legal trial and not the BS conspiracy sh*t.

On the stupidity of Trump we have a thread dedicated to his stupid statements, but looking up unprotected at the eclipse ranks right up there.

On his not knowing what he is doing: he celebrated the House healthcare bill passage and shortly thereafter called it mean. Obviously he didn't know at first what was in it. I could go on, but he shows no interest in learning. He makes statements and repeats them after they have been proven wrong. He is aggressively ignorant.

Finally, on the issue of class, that is subjective, but I think talking about grabbing women by the p*ssy is not very classy. Maybe it makes Ryan proud.
There was the tarmac scene where Melania brushed his hand away because she understood the protocol of the moment. There was him leaving her at the car with a gift as he bounded up the steps to meet the Obamas. There are other times where he embarrassed her in public

My favorite example, however, was his performance at the Al Smith dinner. At around the 10 minute mark it all goes south and he doesn't even seem to realize it. Just plods along ruining the mood for everyone.