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By Ryan
Phaedrus wrote:He is a great self-promoter and always has been. I'll give him that.

His degree was in economics, not finance, but he grew up as the son of a successful builder and worked with his father. You are kind of flat-out lying on that one, or you don't really know his history.

He did not own half of Atlantic City. He got into the casino business and failed, just as his initial forays into building ended in bankruptcy. He changed his business into branding, which he is good at. His TV show did well and he won the Presidency by ginning up a lot of anger and playing fast and loose with the facts. He has no conscience and can lie all the day long.

You're right, econ, but the point was he is not an engineer. Just because dad was successful means he was not top in his field? He built skyscrapers in New York, pretty decent level of success for a builder I'd say. Demonstrates a pretty substantial ability to learn.

Obviously not half of AC but he owned 3 casinos in AC. No your right, he didn't make billions of dollars. He was living on the street in AC. He was a complete and utter failure.

I guess you are conceding the last two points.

So let's refocus here ok. Recall that the point was to emphasize how well he learns, not to measure his success. But most would agree that if you do these things and accumulate 10's of billions of dollars in the process, you are a little more than an empty suit that is incapable of learning.

I should add that he graduated from Wharton, that in itself demonstrates his intellectual abilities. But please continue to underestimate him. You are so smart.
Crowbird23 wrote:I hope you're proud of Trumpy 's handling of Puerto Rico. He should be ashamed of his performance, instead he is saying what a great job.he is doing. Idiots like you eat it up.

They have 10,000 containers on the sandbar waiting to be delivered. With Texas, Florida, and all the island damage volunteers, equipment are spread thin. Maybe you could use your skills to restore power to them or even clear a few roads with your big mouth so the supplies can get thru. Do you ever have any idea what is really going on or do you just parrot what the boneheads tell you is wrong with the world?
Resources where cast a little thin . In addition to the hurricanes they where also spread out across 10 Western States that where literally on fire at the same time. Those stories weren't as sexy so it didn't get the same kind of play. The administration has done a lot more then the press wants to give credit for. This President isn't going to win no matter what the actual facts are . He beat their little lady and threatens their one world view . They don't like that.