And take your hat off egghead! Don't be ashamed of what your God has given you. See, anyone can call names and be a nasty person. If you don't like the emblem or the way people respect the fallen, stay seated and keep your mouth shut. These clowns are like the church. Billions of dollars among themselves and they collectively can't figure out how to feed the poor. Let's start a riot over the legal slaves of the past.
I have stated before that I don't think CK should have done this, however I think disrespect and protest are two different things. If I say I am not going to behave in a certain way as a protest, that is not the same thing.

Pointing out that the ideals represented in the Anthem, Flag, or Constitution are not being upheld is legitimate speech.

Disrespect would be if I told you that I was acting because those ideals are garbage. That's not what is happening here.
Ryan wrote:
Take off the blinders man. This is the point the President is making...it took Trump to bring this to light and he's going to keep poking the bear!

Trump is focused on this because he needs to rally his base that was starting to revolt over his sympathy toward Dreamers and his overtures to Chuck and Nancy. It's all for show.
I don't like Colin. I stand for the Anthem and our flag always. But this has now become a First Amendment issue. You don't mess with any amendment. 1st, 2nd, etc. or call out anyone for exercising their rights. Especially calling players sons of bitches. I dare someone to call my mother a --censor--.

I hate to say this but I believe the Dallas Cowboys did a good job the other night.
Phaedrus wrote:I don't think the anthem is being disrespected. Do you think America is being disrespected? I don't. People are making a point on a large stage about racial disparity. Is that disrespect? I missed that line in the Anthem that says "love it, or leave it.

Okay I'll bite.
Yes, I think America is being disrespected. There are plenty of times and places to whine about perceived disparities. During the playing of the NA is not one of those places.
What is the racial disparity in the nfl? Blacks are 70% of the nfl. Is the point they are making there is a disproportionate amount of blacks in those over paid gladiator positions?
In his own words “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color”
Are you saying he doesn't know the flag stands for freedom, not oppression. He chose to make the flag something it is not. Anyone jumping on the train with him is just as ignorant.