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By Ryan
Phaedrus wrote:I don't think the anthem is being disrespected. Do you think America is being disrespected? I don't. People are making a point on a large stage about racial disparity. Is that disrespect? I missed that line in the Anthem that says "love it, or leave it.

Yes its disrespectful to protest the national anthem and the flag. Wearing your hat, disrespectful; not standing disrespectful. There is a long standing tradition of standing with hand on heart and paying respect to the flag as the National Anthem is played prior to a sporting event. THE GESTURE SPECIFICALLY IS REFERRED TO AS PAYING RESPECT TO THE FLAG!

Let's not twist the original intent of CK's actions. It was INTENDED to be disrespectful? And not just some general plea to stamp out racism, but specifically targeted at the police. They are in fact claiming and demonstrating by gesture that because of some alleged racial component to how law enforcement is conducted in America, America is not worthy of their respect. CK said as much when explaining why he did it originally. Implying that until something is done about it, we will continue to disrespect the flag and anthem. Disrespect was his exact intention.

So don't start twisting this into some general "racial disparity" argument that results in, if you don't kneel or support the kneelers, you are a racist. No, this is about BLACK LIVES MATTER. If you support the kneelers, you support BLACK LIVES MATTER (the movement). As far as I'm concerned, if you support BLM, you ARE a racist. And that includes the former president! YES HE IS A RACIST! And we can thank him and Hillary and the media and all of the leftists for taking America to this place.

Ignorant Americans like CK need to wake up and recognize who the real racists are. They are the leftist demagogues who prey on their ignorance and attempt to turn everyone that has differing political views into racists so that they may maintain their control over their vote. It's the oldest play in the book...dehumanize your enemy, turn them into inhuman pieces of garbage that are willing to degrade people because of the color of their skin. Then rally the troops to slaughter the evil vermin.

This is Alinsky 101 folks. Trump is calling them out.
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By Ryan
JuneCarter wrote:IMG_3417.JPG
Not photoshopped.

So what is the point you are making with your childish photo postings of Trump immediately before he raises his hand to his heart and shows respect for the flag as he always does? Trump hates America? I don't get it.
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By Ryan
Exactly. They will not allow the cowboys to honor the fallen Dallas police officers. And they told Teebow to stop kneeling in the end zone. Now all of a sudden CK has a first amendment right to protest and disrespect the flag/anthem.

Take off the blinders man. This is the point the President is making. The owners can put an end to the disrespect. Forget what it is they are protesting, we can't let them spit in the face of our armed forces and disrespect the flag they defended with their lives. The symbol of freedom that gave those pampered crybabies the opportunities had to make the kind of living they are making. It took Trump to bring this to light and he's going to keep poking the bear!
JuneCarter wrote:President Draft Dodger wants to question other people's patriotism and the "less government " people want the government to tell you when to stand. :lol:

It's peasants like you inciting the violence in this world.
JuneCarter wrote:The "less government " people want the government to tell you when to stand.

Yes, they want less government, but want the government to tell you when to stand, what to salute, what religion to follow, what to do with your body, and on and on. There's nothing "less" about it.