New user here, trying to come up with some basic history on the "Iglesia Ni Cristo" / "Church of Christ" church on Bridgewater Rd.

I've been searching around and unable to find much. Does anyone know if it was always an Iglesia Ni Cristo / Church of Christ or if it was something else prior to that? And when the change may have taken place? I seem to remember it being a baptist church in the late 1980s but I'm not sure if that's true. Any ideas?

Years ago the property was Aston First Baptist Church. The church had a smaller building in the rear of the property. The pastor there retired and a new one was brought in. After a while they built a new building on 452 and that property was sold to those in the Bridgewater Rd group.
Years ago Aston First Baptist was a good Bible teaching ministry. :)
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