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By eriknben10
Just curious, what is the townships definition of a Commercial Vehicle? Found it.
A vehicle used in connection with a commercial enterprise, trade, profession, or industry by the owners
or users of said vehicles and which may or may not bear any sign, lettering, or commercial
advertising or ostensibly display items such as ladder racks, tool racks, and the like which would
indicate a commercial trade, professional, or industrial use or capability. Any vehicle other than
a personal or recreational vehicle (as defined herein) which exceeds a gross vehicle weight of 9,500 pounds or is greater than 84 inches in height, whether or not engaged in a commercial enterprise, trade, profession, or
industry and which may or may not bear commercial aspects such as signs or an attached ladder or tool
racks, shall also be considered a commercial vehicle. Vehicles or trailers used to transport other
vehicles, whether or not used in connection with a leisure time or recreational pursuit, and which
are not defined as recreational vehicle shall be considered for the purpose of this ordinance as commercial vehicles.
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By Wrench97
They don't enforce what's on the books now so why the change?
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By eriknben10
I'm glad all my neighbors believe in freedom to use their property the way they want. A walk around the block I found 12 violations. :shock:
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By norton
On my street a house was erected (came in pieces and assembled) about a year ago and have been told they have an allowance to rent a room out in that house to an individual while the owner lives there. Ever hear of this in Aston?