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By eriknben10
Phaedrus wrote:
eriknben10 wrote:
Didn't see your list on Hollywood, must have missed it. I did see the political puke you posted though, not a Democrat on the list, amazing!

You think the original post was not political? Just how stupid are you? :lol:

Title was Hollywood
The questions were.
"Can all these alleged sex assault be true?"
"what party do they characterize?"
Just how stupid are you? You failed to answer either question on the subject but instead tried to change the subject. Oldest trick in the book.
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By eriknben10
JuneCarter wrote:It's not a contest. Kinda gross debating what team assaulted more women.

Assaulting any women without condemning it is disgraceful. Can we all agree on that?

Sexually Assaulting any person, man or woman without condemning it is disgraceful. Democrats like to think they are exempt and Hollywood in particular left it go for many years just like the catholic church.
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By JuneCarter
It's unfortunately not restricted to any particular party, religion or profession. And it's reckless making a statement that perhaps a woman, man or child is safer trusting someone more or less, based on your criteria.

There are monsters everywhere.
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By eriknben10
I agree they are of every stripe in the spectrum. The same as drug users and drunk drivers. It just didn't start yesterday and it won't stop, ever. Hollywood posed as the moral high ground. They are not anywhere near the top in my book.
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By Boro Friend
Just read an article about a Dem. Congressional candidate in New Mexico that was arrested for stalking and sending inappropriate pictures to a woman over a number of days . What is it with these guys ?
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By Boro Friend
It is a lost world that needs Jesus.
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By Phaedrus
eriknben10 wrote: Hollywood posed as the moral high ground.

What universe do you live in? While there are plenty of people in Hollywood who get self-righteous about their political positions, no one every upheld the Hollywood lifestyle has morally superior.
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