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By Stinky Pete
So Roy lost, but this is still depressing, because it was close. So many people (many of whom probably claim to be Christian and moral ) will vote for a child abuser. Much like pretend Christians who preach their pretend values and vote for an immoral president.
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By Phaedrus
They consider abortion to be a more prevalent form of child abuse and vote the lesser of two evils, among other issues.
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By Ryan
The morons in Washington should have promised the people of Alabama that if they voted for Moore they would act immediately to remove and replace him with a competent Republican. Then they'd still have the seat.

Selecting Jeff Sessions is Trump's biggest mistake to date.
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By JuneCarter
McConnell did say they would hold an ethics hearing and replace Moore but Trump and Bannon couldn't stick with it and opened their big mouths. They won't stop until the Republucan party is shattered beyond repair.

The Federalist, Hannity and other alt-righters immediately tried to blame McConnell for the loss. Idiots. Sad!
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By Boro Friend
I don't know about all that but It is the country I am worried about.