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By Phaedrus
Ryan wrote:--censor--

Well, Sonny, I'm wracking my brain trying to remember even once that you backed up one of your flights of fancy with evidence, but I just can't remember. I can understand you may not want to embarrass yourself with using Hannity or Alex Jones as references. Better to curse.
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By Ryan
Frankly jack ass, I could care less if you believe it or not. I have no desire to provide evidence that will convince you either way. In fact, I hope you don't believe it. Go ahead and live in your leftist bubble as long as you like. Hows that been working out for you guys?

I did not curse by the way, it was a demand directed at you to perform for me in a way the Bill Clinton argued was not sex, in exchange for bowing to your demand for evidence. Two word first word 4 letters starts with B, second 2 letter starts with M.

doubling down.
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By Ryan
you two are birds of a feather. Why should I jump through hoops for you ignorant liberals. This is not a trial, this is a discussion. I post what I know/think to be true. You decide if it is or if it is not. Then we move on. There is no need for cross examination and presentation of evidence. I will most certainly not be working to prove anything to leftist trolls. Like I said, please continue to ignore and diminish and undermine comments from conservatives as Trump works to unravel the destruction of the previous administration.

You know you can just say, "I don't believe it", rather than demand evidence. Or present your evidence that it is not true.

Again, I find myself wasting time with thick headed liberals trolls... :roll: