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By eriknben10
I see they are trying the race card in ads down that way. :roll:
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By eriknben10
Makes you wonder why so many people of color are against the tactic huh? Putting out the racist flyer just cost Jones the election and sealed the deal for Moore. I'm just wondering who she will pick to fill the position once Moore is ousted.
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By Phaedrus
I see images of the flyer, but nothing on it to indicate the source. However, I believe it is not true. If it was a black sexual predator running for the Republicans, they would vote for him. Republicans love their child molesters. :lol:
Stinky Pete wrote:Is it too late to let the South secede?

Probably not. They just might take you up on that offer.

However, it's not too late for you libs to leave. You know, they way you always threaten to do when you don't get your way?
Phaedrus wrote:
AFC wrote:
Crowbird23 wrote:At least Trump has brought peace to the Mid-East.

I hope those protests over there aren't keeping you up at night.

Obama got nowhere in 8 years, Bush before him, Clinton prior to that....

I suppose the Tumpster could follow the same policy of getting nothing done, but I'll wait to see what happens with his.

Would you like to bet a bitcoin? :lol:

What exactly would we bet on?
I said I'd wait to see how Trumps policy works out.

If we're betting on Obama being a complete failure, I'll take your bit coins now.
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By Ryan
Phaedrus wrote:While I believe Obama could have done better, I do not believe he was a failure.

how generous of you. You are still defending Obama like he was your child. That is laughable. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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