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By Phaedrus
Ryan wrote:
Phaedrus wrote:Then you are not looking very hard. Last year all those Republicans were appalled. Then they voted for him and continue to turn a blind eye. Exactly what the Dems did with Clinton.

Right, exactly the same...except one is a disbarred rapist and criminal that used his political power to prey on women and the other is a capitalist that uses dirty words sometimes.

Umm, he used dirty words in the context of describing his ability to commit sexual assault at will because he's rich and powerful.
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By Phaedrus
eriknben10 wrote:
Phaedrus wrote:Then you are not looking very hard. Last year all those Republicans were appalled. Then they voted for him and continue to turn a blind eye. Exactly what the Dems did with Clinton.

Show me where anyone that was appalled voted for him. Then address what I stated, who is covering for him?

We can't know what someone may actually have done in the privacy of the voting booth, but I'll go out on a limb and say most Republican legislators in purple states and Mike Pence for sure. There's also Jeff Sessions, but I'm not sure he was ever appalled, being from Alabama and all.
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By Phaedrus
AFC wrote:
Crowbird23 wrote:At least Trump has brought peace to the Mid-East.

I hope those protests over there aren't keeping you up at night.

Obama got nowhere in 8 years, Bush before him, Clinton prior to that....

I suppose the Tumpster could follow the same policy of getting nothing done, but I'll wait to see what happens with his.

Would you like to bet a bitcoin? :lol:
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By JuneCarter
AFC wrote:Kind of funny to see so many Demorats trying to take the moral high ground here. The very same one who had no issues pulling the lever for a lying, corrupt Hillary who not only stood by her husband during his assaults on women, but was implicit in helping to cover them up and ruining the lives of the ones he assaulted.

The same ones who exalted the "lion of the senate" Teddy the killer perv.

But hey, if you're going to look to either party for morals, I would suggest you'll be severely disappointed.

What's missing here is the obvious: none of this is a surprise to anyone in D.C. It's only now, that the sheet has hit the fan, that they're scrambling to get out of the debris filed.

As for Trump, I think they're just angry that he's making it happen, tearing apart what little of the lousy legacy Obama left.

AFC, I can't even think about Teddy Kennedy without cringing. Not only was he with a young woman but he left her to die.

Bill Clinton was over 15 years ago. We're a whole generation past Clinton voters . It was around the same time Clarence Thomas was confirmed to the Supreme Court despite his harassment of Anita Hill. No moral high ground.

As to Hillary, you all know how I feel about her. It's not her fault her husband's a pig. It's her fault she is viewed as a person that will do anything to be in a powerful political position.

We can do better. Trump is horrible. The Clintons need to back off and so does crazy Bernie. His wife's financial shenanigans will put his aspirations to rest. Or maybe not. Maybe the Dems will learn that their base will vote for a serial killer. As long as they get to feel superior because their candidate won despite being morally reprehensible and unfit to represent the United States like Trump.

We must do better!
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By eriknben10
JuneCarter wrote:Interesting. A Republican strategist theorizes Franken will remain after the Alabama election if Moore wins.

Since his speech didn't mention any wrong doing I suppose that could be one of his options.
I would say if Moore wins he will be ousted anyway. Then Frankenstein would look really bad.
The play here is if Moore wins, oust him then they can set up a new election and the Governor decides who will take the position in the interim. Who would she pick? Luther Strange?
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By JuneCarter
I thought the same thing. Luther Strange comes back into the cycle.

Looking forward to the press conference with one of Moore's (alleged) victims. Apparently she added the date and location to Moore's comments in her year book but never said it out loud so that's exculpatory? At least that will be how Fox reports it. They'll exonerate him. :roll:
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By Phaedrus
That's the thing with progressives, we learn from our mistakes. It's also why the "Democrats were racist" doesn't matter anymore. The ones who didn't, or wouldn't, learn moved on to become Republicans.

We lost the South. Republicans gained Roy Moore.
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